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As most professionals are already aware, succeeding in business can often be attributed to "It's all about who you know"; and folks like Tara of Gael Force Consulting are certainly included in that list.

As a seasoned engineering and management professional in the Design & Construction industry for critical facilities (data center, hospital, and healthcare), I encourage everyone to always network with peers, encourage others to grow & succeed and to never stop pushing yourselves (and others) to the next level. Don't hide in one office or a multi-year jobsite and be forgotten about by corporate, other potential employers, owners, partners, consultants, and more.

Consistent and intentional networking is also important. Don't just try and grow your network and interact with other peers or industry experts when the industry is in a slump or there's fear of downsizing or re-organizing or re-structuring, etc. It should be an ongoing exercise for which you'll realize the value most when the time is needed.

Just think, if you don't take the time to share a industry friend, associate, or co-worker's resume with others when the need is eminent.....then who's going to be willing to do the same for you, when you find yourself in dire straits?

Onward and upward !

(ps: I wrote this on my lunch break from my personal chromebook in case anyone is wondering.)

Chris Linthicum

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