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There's more than one way to say Happy Holidays.

The Holidays have special meaning for everyone. Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, and of course Festivus with it's feats of strength and the airing of grievances. I only have one grievance this year. I learned that Dunkin Donuts has discontinued the jelly munchkin. I am still not ok with this. As for feats of strength, I walked a flight of stairs this year and I ate a vegetable last week. So, I am pretty set for the rest of the year. Oh, I also consumed a Bud Light once this year. This feat continues to be a Festivus miracle!

See below for candidates looking for their own Festivus Miracle:

Festival Miracles - Stellar Candidates on the Market!

Senior Asset Manager - 22 years experience in commercial real estate, currently managing 4MSF portfolio including leasing, capital budgets, forecasting, property management and construction management.

Marketing Director - 20 years exp. in commercial construction and design. Oversees a marketing department including proposal development, branding, public relations, social media, advertising and special events. M.S. Marketing and Management.

Retail Real Estate/Development Associate - 6 years experience in store development, entitlements, construction, permitting, and risk analysis. B.S. Business Management.

Project Executive - 18 years exp. in public sector Construction and Design including IDIQ contracts, Capital Improvement Programs (CIP), and Design Build. B.S. and M.S., Civil Engineering.

Architectural Designer/Job Captain - 20 years exp. in new multifamily/mixed use projects; renovation of multifamily/mixed use including concrete and wood frame construction and proficient in REVIT 2018, BlueBeam and AutoCAD., B.S. Architecture.

Business Development Manager - 20 years exp. in the construction and subcontracting industry. B.A.A.

Asset/Portfolio Manager - 8 years exp. in commercial real estate portfolio administration. B.S. Finance.

Business Development Associate - 6 years exp in commercial real estate in the DC Area.

Sales Associate - 6 years sales experience. Interested in industrial sales.

Marketing Manager - 11 years experience in marketing and business development in engineering and architecture.

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